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Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that can enhance your smile’s appearance by removing stains and discoloration. While it is generally considered safe, there are potential side effects you may experience during or after teeth whitening treatments.

9 Common Side Effects

These side effects can vary in severity and duration, and they include:

  1. 9 Common Teeth Whitening Side EffectsTooth Sensitivity: One of the most common side effects is tooth sensitivity. You may experience temporary discomfort or mild pain, especially when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and beverages.
  2. Gum Irritation: The whitening gel can sometimes come into contact with the gums, leading to temporary gum irritation or even mild burns. This is usually short-lived and subsides within a few days.
  3. White Spots: In some cases, teeth may develop temporary white spots immediately after whitening. These typically fade as the teeth rehydrate, but they can be more noticeable if you had pronounced staining before treatment.
  4. Uneven Results: Whitening may result in uneven coloration, especially if you have restorations like crowns or veneers that do not respond to whitening agents. Your natural teeth may become whiter than the restorations.
  5. Over-Whitening: Overusing or leaving whitening products on for too long can lead to an unnatural, overly white appearance known as “bleached” teeth. Follow your dentist’s recommendations to avoid this issue.
  6. Temporary Discomfort: Some people may experience mild discomfort or pain during and after the whitening process. This is usually temporary but can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.
  7. Gastrointestinal Upset: Swallowing small amounts of whitening gel or saliva during treatment can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, including nausea. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and avoid swallowing the gel.
  8. Allergic Reactions: While rare, some individuals may experience allergic reactions to the whitening products. If you notice any unusual symptoms, contact your dentist immediately.
  9. Erosion of Enamel: Prolonged or frequent use of strong whitening products can potentially lead to enamel erosion, making teeth more susceptible to sensitivity and cavities.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Professional teeth whitening treatments performed by dentists like us are generally considered safe. Our dentists have the knowledge, expertise, and access to professional-grade whitening products that are formulated to minimise risks and provide optimal results. These treatments are carefully monitored, ensuring that the bleaching agents are applied correctly and in controlled concentrations.

Who Are Not Suitable for Teeth Whitening?

There are certain cases where it may not be suitable or advisable:

  1. Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is generally recommended to avoid teeth whitening treatments. The effects of whitening agents on the developing foetus or breastfeeding infant are not well understood. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to postpone teeth whitening until after pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.
  2. Individuals with Tooth Sensitivity or Allergies: People who already experience significant tooth sensitivity or have a history of allergic reactions to dental products may not be suitable candidates for teeth whitening. The bleaching agents used in whitening treatments can sometimes exacerbate tooth sensitivity or cause allergic reactions. It is important to discuss any existing tooth sensitivity or allergies with our dentist before undergoing teeth whitening.
  3. Children and Adolescents: Teeth whitening treatments are generally not recommended for children and adolescents. Their teeth are still developing, and the long-term effects of teeth whitening on their oral health and tooth structure are not well understood. It is best to wait until they reach adulthood before considering teeth whitening.
  4. Individuals with Dental Restorations: Teeth whitening treatments do not alter the colour of dental restorations, such as dental fillings, crowns, or veneers. If you have visible restorations in your front teeth and wish to whiten your teeth, it is important to consult with our dentist as we can evaluate your situation and discuss alternative options, such as replacing or adjusting the restorations to match the new shade of your whitened teeth.
  5. Severe Tooth Decay or Gum Disease: Teeth whitening treatments are not suitable for individuals with untreated or severe tooth decay or gum disease. Whitening agents can penetrate the damaged tooth structure or irritate inflamed gum tissues, potentially causing further complications. It is crucial to address any existing oral health issues before considering teeth whitening.
  6. Individuals with Tetracycline Stained Teeth: Tetracycline is an antibiotic that, when used during tooth development, can cause significant tooth discoloration. In cases of severe tetracycline staining, traditional teeth whitening methods may not effectively lighten the teeth. Alternative cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers or dental bonding, may be more suitable to address the staining.

Teeth Whitening Methods

These are some of the common teeth whitening methods to help you make an informed decision.

  1. In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening: In-office professional teeth whitening is performed by our dentist in a controlled clinical setting. This method involves the application of a high-concentration whitening gel to your teeth. The gel is activated using a special light or laser to accelerate the whitening process. In-office treatments offer quick and dramatic results, often lightening your teeth by several shades in just one visit.
  2. At-Home Professional Teeth Whitening: At-home professional teeth whitening involves the use of custom-fitted trays and professional-grade whitening gel provided by one of our dentist. He/she will take impressions of your teeth to create custom trays that fit your mouth perfectly. You will be instructed on how to apply the whitening gel to the trays and wear them for a specified amount of time each day. At-home professional whitening allows you to achieve noticeable results in the comfort of your own home, with the convenience of custom trays that ensure proper gel application.
  3. Over-the-Counter Whitening Products: Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available without a prescription and can be purchased from supermarkets, pharmacies, or online. These products include whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and whitening gels. While OTC products can provide some level of teeth whitening, they generally contain lower concentrations of whitening agents compared to professional treatments. It’s important to carefully follow the instructions provided with the product and be aware that OTC methods may not deliver the same level of effectiveness as professional teeth whitening.
  4. Natural Remedies: Some individuals prefer to explore natural remedies for teeth whitening. These methods often involve using household ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, or activated charcoal to create DIY whitening solutions. It’s crucial to approach natural remedies with caution, as their effectiveness and safety can vary. Natural remedies may have limited whitening effects and may not be as reliable as professional treatments.
  5. Whitening Toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste is a common option for maintaining and enhancing the whiteness of your teeth. These toothpastes contain mild abrasives or chemicals that help remove surface stains and prevent new ones from forming. However, it’s important to note that whitening toothpaste alone may not be sufficient to achieve significant teeth whitening. It is often used in conjunction with other whitening methods for better results.

Why Choose Anderson & Broadberry Dental Care for Teeth Whitening?

Anderson & Broadberry Dental Care - Dentist in Swallownest, SheffieldChoose Anderson & Broadberry Dental Care for your teeth whitening needs in Swallownest, Sheffield, and let us help you achieve a brighter, more confident smile!

  1. Affordable Pricing: Our teeth whitening treatments start from a budget-friendly £300, making a brighter, more dazzling smile accessible to everyone.
  2. Experienced Dental Professionals: You can trust our team of highly skilled and experienced dental professionals to provide you with safe and effective teeth whitening treatments. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results while ensuring your dental health.
  3. Customised Whitening Plans: No two smiles are alike, and neither should your teeth whitening plan be. We tailor our treatments to your unique needs, ensuring that you achieve the whitening results you desire.
  4. Advanced Whitening Techniques: We employ cutting-edge and well-established teeth whitening techniques that are known for delivering stunning and lasting results. Rest assured that your smile is in expert hands.
  5. Comfortable, State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our dental clinic offers a comfortable and modern environment designed to put you at ease during your teeth whitening procedure. Enjoy a relaxed and stress-free experience with us.
  6. A Commitment to Natural Beauty: We are dedicated to enhancing your smile’s natural beauty, ensuring that your teeth look brilliantly white while maintaining a natural appearance. You’ll leave our clinic with a radiant, authentic smile.
  7. Convenient Appointment Scheduling: We understand the importance of your time. That’s why we offer flexible appointment scheduling options, making it easy for you to get the teeth whitening treatment you desire when it suits your schedule.
  8. Patient-Focused Care: At Anderson & Broadberry Dental Care, your satisfaction is our top priority. We focus on providing patient-centric care, addressing your concerns, and ensuring your teeth whitening experience exceeds your expectations.

What Patients Are Saying About Us

Adam Mcskimming
Adam Mcskimming
Tremendous first impression of the surgery. Person centred and went above and beyond to ensure I understood next steps. Can't speak more highly of the patient centred care.
Leah Wilson
Leah Wilson
Amazing service from the receptionist, dental nurse Sam and especially Iain and Tin who has been amazing knowing how much of a anxious patient I am they are always there to support me and are extremely caring and I am very grateful for them looking after me Iain goes above and beyond each time for me and is so welcoming.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith
Absolutely fantastic recent had alot of work done by Sinead and jess and they have saved my teeth not been to a dentist in over 10 years and I can say I'm not afraid to go any more , I was in a right tacking wi me mouth and now they have fixed it thank you so much
Delwar Ullah
Delwar Ullah
I recently had three teas taken out at the top and because of my cerebral palsy and diabetes. I was in a lot of pain afterwards a week later I went back to the practice because it wasn’t getting any better and the pain was getting worse. My dentist Sophie was absolutely fantastic she took really good care of me And got me out of pain in no time and she was very thorough And I couldn’t thank you enough for what she had done for me. I’ve got to go back in a week to see if everything is okay no the dentist enormous 65 years in life has ever asked me to come back before but Sophie has top rank
sandra burgess
sandra burgess
Fantastic dentists. The reception team are always polite and helpful. I have had a number of dentists in the 20 years I have been a customer and all have been brilliant. I am currently with Holly who is amazing and has done a wonderful job with my Invisalign and then a few cosmetic changes. She has a great assistant too, which makes a usually stressful experience into a fun one. Highly recommend.
Debbie Tunstill
Debbie Tunstill
I had 3 teeth out Hanisha the dentist and Zoe the dental nurse was brilliant I have a bit of a fear of the dentist but they put me at ease could not thank them enough thank you both of you
Carol Slack
Carol Slack
Very efficient, quick and absolutely pain free
Derrol Palmer
Derrol Palmer
I'm a wuss when it comes to going to the dentist, but I've just had my smile spruced up by the hygienist, Sinead (hope I've spelt that right) and Sherron (hope I've got that right too) who both put me at ease with their banter and turned me out looking 10 years younger. Thanks Derrol
Kathy Wilton
Kathy Wilton
This is the best dental care I’ve ever received. I’m fearful patient dentist (Sophie) has always found a way to calm my anxiety and never rushed me. I asked that if it was possible for them not to tell me what they were doing if possible legally (obviously they have to tell me some things) and i know it’s silly but she didn’t make me feel silly and agreed. I have disabilities too which make laying in the chair uncomfortable but we worked out a system of me lifting my hand if I need to move while she’s working on me. My fears have always been taken into consideration and I’ve never been made to feel bad because of them (childhood trauma yay). They give me distraction techniques and said they’d stop if it got too much (so far not needed to do that). Even after telling them I’d need to be referred to hospital because of one of my conditions for extraction procedures they were great and told me that fine. I’ll never go anywhere else now. Thank you Sophie for helping get over my fears without making me feel like a baby

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